This page concern submissions for online story only.
To read about the Exhibition's opencall, please go to the dedicated page.

Submissions are only accepted for online publications and not print.

We are publishing 'Slow Photography', which refers to a slower approach of creation, placing the story at the center to have more personal, substantial and meaningful projects.

Photography projects adding a manual process (print, collage, mixed media, painting, sculpture, etc) are also more than welcome.

Between 10 to 20 images in 2000px large has to be send via this Wetransfer link.
Each project must include a text describing the project and its meaning, a title, and the team credits.
Title : "submit online_NAME_TITLE" 
Message : project desciption and full team credits
If the wetransfer isn't working, you can also send a link to : 
object : "submit online_NAME_TITLE"