'Zagriz' - Ludovica De Santis

The word "caries" comes from the Latin and means "corrosion".

During my trip to the Balkans, a Romani man from Kosovo told me that the Balkan Peninsula was "the most damaged tooth in Europe".

I thought of it as a peculiar metaphor, but nothing more.

Later on, I understood what he meant when I started traveling around former Yugoslavia.

artist: Ludovica De Santis

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The Balkan peninsula offers viewers a ticket to an unrefined theatre of traditions, a gipsy-surrealist portrait of migration and a never-before-visited post-war reality in which individuals accept their daily struggle by "zigzagging".


The Balkans are a vibrant show,
a strange and unknown place
of socializing energy,
a unique universe which seems
less influenced by art than by circus.
For this reason, all seems to be there more confounding turbulent and contaminated than wherever else.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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