'Wuhan Radiography' Simon Vansteewinckel

For some people, curiosity killed the cat. For others, it is one of the greatest qualities, the very essence of photography. During lockdown I wondered how to stay curious, to keep traveling, looking and reaching out to others, to carry on advocating openness rather than withdrawal into oneself.

While being confined in my living room, I opened a window on the world via Google Street View which is an incredible tool that allows us to travel through almost the entire planet.

artist: Simon Vansteewinckel
project: Wuhan Radiography

book published by Light Motiv editions

instagram / website

The pandemic was the primary focus of all discussions, such as an invisible but omnipresent monster. And it came from somewhere: Wuhan, where it all began, is apparently the place of origin of Covid-19; that former little-known city worldwide has become the receptacle of all rumors, accidentally thrown under the spotlight.

I made the images in the book by directly photographing my computer screen during those virtual wanderings in the city.


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