'Whistling for Owls' - Max Ferguson

“Whistling for Owls” is a story of two parts;

image and text;
France and London,
memoir and fiction;
truth and lies.


artist: Max Ferguson

instagram / website

Oblique photographs and sometimes-poetic texts are combined create a loose narrative of love, loss and longing.

The photographs depict observed
details and imperfections
of both domesticity and nature

an apple core on the ground,
a broken window,
a cluttered kitchen and
carefully arranged dead butterflies.

‘I first met the birdwatcher as she climbed over a style someway from the house we were staying at. She seemed startled to see me – as if I shouldn’t have been there. Maybe I shouldn’t have.’

Each image is heavy with implied narrative and symbolism—ripe nature just on the cusp of turning and the abandoned and rusting evidence of human presence. It’s unclear if the images signal an awakening or decay—or both—or neither.

The book is published and available on Oval Press.

 editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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