WE NEED A FACE [?] - Cristina Rizzi Guelfi

"Selfies have become a storytelling tool, simple and immediate, but full of meaning. In an increasingly frenetic and immersive communication space, it is no coincidence that selfies have an increasingly important relevance."

Artist: Cristina Rizzi Guelfi
Project: We Need A Face  [?]

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"It is a kind of return to origins, made up of a representative language that is easy to use. Through selfies, in fact, you have the opportunity to show yourself to the world exactly in the way you want to be seen, or to make you perceive the sensations of a given moment only from the expression of the face, selecting precisely the information to be communicated.The series "we need a face [?]" Was born to make fun of the widespread practice of obsession with selfies, replacing faces with photographs that were purchased from a bank of images."



"Non-verbal communication and in particular facial expressions are the subject of numerous researches aimed at understanding and interpreting its functioning. Neuroscience also tells us that facial expressions are not subject to our will. This happens because the face and its expressions are controlled by the oldest part of our brain, the part inherited from the species of our ancestors, or the innermost part of the brain from which our archaic emotions and instincts derive.

Darwin demonstrated that facial representations of emotion in humans, as in other mammals, are innate, a product of evolution. The expressions that denote joy, fear or anger, for example, are the same in men of different ethnic groups, cultures or civilizations. Darwin's nativist conception (1872)"



© Cristina Rizzi Guelfi

Curator / Editor : Ecaterina Rusu 

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