VARA - Martha Roschmann & Robert Kwaß

The collaborative photographic project Vara (summer) describes a divided Romanian society and tells the story of returning to one's homeland. A large part of the working-age Romanian population leaves for Western Europe as a labor force, leaving behind a vacuum of the demographic middle in their own country.

Artist: Martha Roschmann & Robert Kwaß
Project: Vara

Martha : Instagram  /  website
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Especially in rural areas these developments are clearly noticeable and create places where time seems to stand still. This changes during summer, when people return home to celebrate weddings, baptisms and spend time with the people they grew up with. 

"I've been in the UK for four years now," Maxim tells us. "I just screw plates on airplanes there, did an apprenticeship. But trust me it sucks. The world is such a beautiful place, but I would always come back here. Life in the UK really sucks. The rain, the people what can you say, it's just not easy.

© Martha Roschmann & Robert Kwaß

Curator: Massimiliano Corteselli

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