'Unutursan Darilmam' Ci Demi

Everything in this story takes place in an apartment in İstanbul. Due to a severe depressive episode, the author wasn’t able to leave the house for a year in 2019; aside from psychiatrist visits and the occasional very short outings to the city centre.

The city itself became a fading memory and this monstrous ever-changing being after months spent in a room.

artist: Ci Demi

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Mental health in a society is often regarded as a personal struggle, and alienation is not an unexpected result stemming from one’s issues. The work turns the author’s struggles outwards, reflecting the effects of a newly diagnosed bipolar disorder off many surfaces of İstanbul.
One question emerges from the story: Who is being forgotten here; the photographer or the city? Using photography, the body of work creates a common memory for the author, and the city.
editor : Ecaterina Rusu
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