TRAUMALAND - Giacomo Tazzini

Traumaland is a non-place where tropical, rural and kitsch landscapes meet in a grotesque combination. An amusement park that’s not so amusing, where outcasts and oddballs wander through absurd and nightmarish scenarios. 

Artist: Giacomo Tazzini
Project: Traumaland

Giacomo Tazzini - Photographer, coordinator, set designer
Giacomo Raffo - Model
Mohamed Sarr - Model
Lisa Pardini - MUA
Davide Ghilarducci - Assistant


These characters are always alone and in agony, seemingly uncapable of making sense of their existence, as their journey becomes more and more pointless. 

They belong to no one and nothing. 

The photos act as pieces of a narrative puzzle, like frames from a non-existing movie (hence why the single images have no specific title). 

All photographs were captured on film, with very grainy stocks, through a Pentax K1000. 

All locations were found along the Versilia coast, once a temple of Italian "dolce vita", now a decadent and grotesque land, becoming increasingly unlivable.

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