'The World the Children Made' - Shin Noguchi

In this project, I try to express "children's world" more realistically and more positively than Ray Bradbury's short story "The World the Children Made", by narrowing down the subject to children from the main project "Something Here".

When I look at the world the children of today show from time to time, I have remembered that I learned about an individual and society there, and that "time" and "smell" were certainly over there too.

artist: Shin Noguchi

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I think this time retraces our own past, in other words, it may be replaced with "Save" in today's society.

At that time, I strongly feel that I want to regain their world in the place to be, it has been removed from contemporary society and it has been rebuilt in the virtual/cyberspace, and it's an essential element for form the city space that can coexist with natural environments.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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