'The Vulgarity of Being Three-Dimensional' - Tine Bek

“Vulgarity, from the Latin term vulgus, was the term for common people, an insinuation of the ordinary. We consider the vulgar to be crude, below our station, brash, crass, rough – terms that are charged with ill interest, with gall, with remorse."

"What if vulgar was not a bad thing at all, merely a removal of a mask. The slipperiness of expectation slinking away?"

Words from the text ‘Within the commonality lies the sparkling truth’ by Isabella Rose Celeste Davey

artist: Kin Chan Coedel

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In her first monograph, Bek tries to escape strict hierarchical structures through a series of aesthetic experiments.

The book presents images of shapes that run over, flow, crumble and bulge out.
An excess of uncontrolled forms that in the sculptural tradition have been dismissed as vulgar or possibly baroque.

Fruit, material, fabric and figures are brought together and changed by subtle shades of colour.




editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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