'The Rooted Heart Began to Change' Allan Salas

Faced with mortality, the imagery of land and death develops into a poem.

Between the body and the self, nature and nothingness, eternity and the ephemeral, The Rooted Heart Began to Change functions as a diary. It illustrates an inward exploration of the spirit seeking to understand human anguish in the face of the unknown.


artist: Allan Salas
project: The Rooted Heart Began to Change

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Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your project "The Rooted Heart Began to Change"? How did you come up with the idea of exploring the themes of mortality and nature through photography?

The passing of my grandmother and my father's heart attack were the two main catalysts for starting this project. These incidents inspired me to explore the theme of mortality in whatever way seemed natural to me at that time. During this period of my life, I spent a lot of time alone, attempting to process all the emotions I was experiencing. It was a very difficult time. Photography became a tool that allowed me to express what I couldn't convey verbally, while also helping me gain a deeper understanding of the extent of my emotions.

Were there any particular elements you used to convey the emotions and themes you wanted to explore?

Many of the photographs in this project were not planned; however, I believe that as I wandered aimlessly, I encountered elements that turned out to be highly symbolic in representing my emotions. The horses, the fire, my father, the rope, and so on—all the project's images metaphorically depict, in one way or another, my journey through grief.


Were there any specific moments or images that were particularly difficult to capture or convey?

I believe that the most challenging part of creating these images was not the act of capturing them itself, but rather the emotional storm I was going through. There were countless deeply painful days where I had to force myself out of bed to go photograph.

Can you talk about the role of photography as a medium for exploring these themes of the human spirit and the unknown? How does the visual element add to the overall impact and meaning of your work?

The ability of photography to propose a multiplicity of meanings allows metaphorical construction to take a leading role in attempting to communicate about complex themes such as grief, the spirit, and the unknown.

"The Rooted Heart Began to Change" combines the themes of mortality and nature to depict the complex emotions and transformative processes I underwent during that time. It is a visual exploration and reflection of these profoundly personal experiences. 

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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