"The Attachment Theory seeks to unravel the multifaceted connections between, childhood traumas, alienation, mental health struggles, and isolation in adult life."

Artist: Jacopo Papucci
Project: The Attachment Theory

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Selected from our October 2023 opencall.


"The lack of a secure base in early life often leads to challenges regulating emotions and effectively coping with stressors later on. Childhood traumas such as abuse or neglect disrupt healthy attachment formation processes contributing to long-lasting psychological effects that can reverberate into adulthood in the forms of social isolation and alienation."



"Photographs capturing moments spent with individuals battling mental health and photographs taken from my family archive stand in stark contrast to an external reality shaped by a visual representation of my childhood memories, aiming to create a narrative that moves between the past and the present and leaves the reader with a question: Who would we be today if the events of our childhood had unfolded differently?"



© Jacopo Papucci


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