STREET PALETTE - Sofia Verzbolovskis

"The square, the circle, the triangle; these universal shapes have been the background of our lives for centuries. No matter where I find myself, I am always looking for these recurring aesthetic elements and the ways in which individuals interact with them."

Artist: Sofia Verzbolovskis
Project: Street Palette

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"Through Street Palette, an ongoing photographic project, I am interested in exploring the stable and the fleeting, the solid and the fluid. Despite the geographic differences and physical distance, these photographs are unified by the interplay of light and geometry found throughout structures and landscapes, from a mosque in Dakar to a vegetable stand in Panama. Connections, across countries and cultures, can be made through form and color. In a way, these formal elements become a means of coexistence in a world that often seems to lack a sense of collectivity. The individuals passing through these photographs may never meet in person, but they meet through these shared environments."



© Sofia Verzbolovskis

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