'Stranger at home' Jakob Eckstein

As an experiment, I bought a pocket-sized camera—the technical opposite of the kind of camera I'd been using to make 'serious' work—and it changed my life.

I started shooting every day, free from forethought, ambition or analysis. This allowed me to rediscover the sense of play that had first drawn me to photography.

artist: Jakob Eckstein

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After a few months, I sat down to sift through the mountain of images I'd produced this way. To my surprise, what I found wasn't total chaos. Without realizing it, I'd developed a consistent visual language, and seemed to be using it to sketch the outlines of... something.
A vague gestalt as yet unidentifiable, but undeniably there. So I kept going. I bought a newer version of the same camera and committed to using it every day, until it became an extension of my hand.
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