STACCATO - Maëva Benaiche

"Staccato is a cry from the heart, a suspended testimony about to implode."

Artist: Maëva Benaiche
Project: Staccato

Book published by Editions Light Motiv

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"And this explosion is that of Maëva Benaiche. As a photographer having a stutter, she navigates between words trying to find her place in this world of speech. She gives to see, to hear, to feel her experience of life tossed about by her language disorder. In her interactions, her expression is inhibited by the gaze of others, by her memories that assail her, by her own doubts. Her words struggle to follow the frantic race of her thoughts. And she wears herself out breaking down language barriers.

Staccato is a chanted, broken, liberated breath. Through photography, Maëva Benaiche gets rid of all restraints, hers and those of others. She frees a flow of images shaped with organic, psychic, elementary forms. The refined aesthetic of her photographs is forged in black and white, in centered but agitated compositions, in lively and blurred visuals. Sometimes jostled, prone to cracks and splinters, sometimes freed, soothed, her photographs instinctively follow the course of a fluid, powerfully introspective narrative. We are moved by his words and carried away by her visions."



"Staccato infused as much with her delicacy as with her flame, and it draws, at the edge of what the photographer reveals to us : a call to openness, an invitation to let go and an acceptance.

Director of the gallery VU' Caroline Bénichou's foreword gives depth to that"expression of a desire and an all-consuming energy" specific to Maëva Benaiche's photography.

It is the first photobook of Maeva Benaiche published by Editions Light Motiv in May 2023."


 © Maëva Benaiche

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