SILENT RHYTHM - Kamila Solarz

"Silent Rhythm is a visual story reflecting on the essence of presence, on nourishing soul, and coming back to our truest, most balanced selves. It tries to capture the organic pace found in the symbiosis of mind and body, drawing inspiration from the connection with nature.

The photograps don’t insist on narrative, and are a visual reflections exploring internal growth and movement guided by intuition, serendipity, and connection."

Artist: Kamila Solarz
Project: Silent Rhythm

Model: Savannah Angela

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"We have all felt at one point or another, the pressure of time. The dimension of tasks, the weight of time.
I am still mystified by time. It seems it was always there, speeding up, and then washing over me. Distilled to a soft, ambient focus. Somehow moments that are at once timeless and in tune, in time.
My body lives in time. Through the rhythms of wakefulness, the pulls of the lunar tides. When I accept this I make my peace with time. I can separate myself from the abstraction of plans, the finality of a deadline. The power is not so much in clock time as in the energy that comes out of taking action. The joy of being in time. Awareness not this time as distancing, but as that split second where you are aware you are alive.

Time is measured through motion. One is made present in time. "

words by Savannah Angela 


© Kamila Solarz

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