SHE IS WARM - Iringó Demeter

"Shot monochromatically, the body is used as a tool to reflect on themes ranging from beauty, discovery, intimacy, connection (physical and emotional) to motherhood, ageing, humanity, and life. "

Artist: Iringó Demeter
Project: She Is Warm

Book published by Libraryman

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"She Is Warm is a four-year exploration of the human body (especially female), nude, faceless, intimate. The subjects are close ones (her own mother, her grandmother, close friends), or women who shared their vulnerable side with the photographer."



"The compositions focus on details that dwell on the physicality of the surfaces of the body, in a tactile yet profound analysis of the skin, flesh, hair and body, in a range of temporal and spatial phases (different ages and bodies). They portray creases, freckles, wrinkles, pores, hair, flesh, contours. The closeness of the details, the proximity, almost makes us feel the warmth of the body. That intimacy becomes awareness, conveying a sense of true contact, transforming the physical into a kind of abstract landscape and dismantling the viewer’s gaze.


This is done through a slow, careful, contemplative approach to the subjects, but also through the framing, perspective and cropping of the images, creating a kind of abstracted female landscape of form. By capturing the familiar that is usually overlooked, such as textures, lines, shadows, tones, details, she makes us realize that “We need to take care of our bodies; they are worthy of all the attention we can give them”, and ultimately encourages people to celebrate who they are."




© Iringó Demeter published by Libraryman

Curator / Editor : Kiko

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