SELECTED WORKS - Alexandra Isabella

Often focusing on ethereal details of nature, she creates a visual conversation between our bodies and earth.

Artist: Alexandra Isabella

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Alexandra Isabella is a visual artist working primarily with photography and video. She finds a lot of inspiration in books that she reads and nature. She also likes to go through old archival websites or libraries, and will take note of different portraiture from the early 50s and 60s as a point of reference for her portrait work.

She relates her work to her complicated journey with body and self-perception. She considers the relationship that she has with her body a work in progress.

In a way, these two subjects are a visual story that tracks an emotional process for the artist. It's been a way of finding answers for herself, as well as connecting deeper with the themes that she’s capturing; there is something to be said for the level of trust between her and someone being totally naked in front of her camera. There is an unspoken agreement of sameness, reciprocity of vulnerability that she cherishes and holds unwavering respect toward... She strives for this to show in the photos.

Alexandra often looks through maps on her computer and kind of just scrolls aimlessly around the globe looking for textures and languages between geographical features or landscapes that she finds interesting, then she tries to imagine how that could look on a body, or where she might see that in everyday life around her. Visually, she aims to depict a language between our intrinsic nature and the earth to bring the viewer into a feeling of connectedness. 

© Alexandra Isabella

curator & editor : Márcia Pessoa

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