PETRICHOR - Matthias Leidinger

Petrichor is a project about the eager anticipation of the personal future to come, the restlessness of mind, searching for the right path in life.

Artist: Matthias Leidinger
Project: Petrichor

@malsoo__27 rep by @letitgomgmt
@ldreistein rep by @das_deck
@kaurinsascha rep by @das_deck
@yv6nne rep by @das_deck
Photography assistant Berlin: @johannes410
Photography assistant Vienna: @nikolas_rode

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It is a momentary self-reflection of the photographer and his practice, as well as a visual essay about personal transformation. It aims to portray the quiet moments inbetween, the sometimes petrifying feeling of making decisions and the wait to reach the next plateau in one's personal journey through life - a story about waiting for the storm.

Petrichor is the name of the smell that is created when rainwater comes into contact with dry earth - it is carried far by the air and is thus the precursor of rain in surrounding areas.

In addition to their portraits, each person photographed cast their own sculpture out of molten tin - reminiscent of the New Year tradition in many European countries to predict one's future. The sculpture is also created, just like Petrichor, at the moment of reaction with water.

© Matthias Leidinger

Curator: Ecaterina Rusu

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