TUMBLE - Osamu Yokonami

"A few tenths of a second one spends rolling is a moment beyond our control."

Artist: Osamu Yokonami
Project: Tumble

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"This is the moment when each individuality emerges, whether it’s a character, a gift, or a result of hard work (although one might not consider denguri-gaeri as hard work). This moment captures the very unique (ma)—which generally means ‘personal space’ or ‘timing’—of that individual.

This (ma) expressed in “Tumble” corresponds to the (ma)—also meaning ‘terms’ or ‘relationship’—that one forms through interaction with society.

Osamu Yokonami (b. 1967, Japanese) sees it as a fundamental and intriguing nature of our existence.

Photographs made between 2005 and 2023 in Japan and Taiwan."




© Osamu Yokonami

Editor : Ecaterina Rusu 

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