'Organic Transformations' - Flyn Vibert

Initially I started calling myself a scientist slightly tongue in cheek. But most of my work involves a lot of experimentation and trial and error.

Mixing things together that (as far as I know) never have been before and trying to make something out of nothing. I take pleasure in using the things most people discard or ignore.

artist: Flyn Vibert

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I grew up in a madhouse of hoarders - magazines piled high in every room, chaos in every direction. Everything I could ever need was all around me. I didn't know it at the time, but this complete freedom to experiment, to make mistakes is what allowed me to find my own voice.

Every image is a new challenge to me and a whole new world to explore. I have techniques I've developed over a number of years and broadly I know how these will interact with the photograph. But there is always an element of the unknown. If there wasn't I probably wouldn't do it.

I am not against digital, I think progression of the medium is important, but for me it doesn't work. I need that hands-on approach with my images. I need to feel the burn on my fingertips.

I want people to feel something of that transience when they look at my images. My photography is me. It is the emotions I felt on that day. If I was sad, if I was happy, if I was angry, you will see and feel that in my images. In that way narrative is very important. I am trying to write a new story with every photograph I take and I am sharing everything that comes through that process with you.

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