'New Western Bingo' - Sophie Stafford

New Western Bingo opened on Eyre Avenue in Armley, Leeds in 1964. Located in what was once the Palace Picture Hall, in 1964 the space underwent a conversion to become an independent bingo club, New Western Bingo.

This book is a collection of images before the fire, a memorial to the lost bingo hall and a celebration of its original members and employees.

artist: Sophie Stafford

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In October 2016, a fire broke out in a neighbouring sauna and spread to the bingo hall roof. The club was subsequently demolished, and an empty loft left in the place of where the bingo hall once was, there are now plans to build housing on the land where it once stood.
Prior to the fire, Sophie Stafford visited the bingo hall in 2013 and over the course of a year photographed the hall, its regular members and its employees.
editor : Ecaterina Rusu
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