'Movement in the alpine landscape' Pedro Rodrigues

Large part of the world‘s alpine region is in a constant state of movement. This is due to climate change and the yearly rise of temperatures. Not only are glacier landscapes disappearing, but other changes are also being triggered. One of them is the melting process of the permafrost. Large masses of rock are held together by the permafrost.

As a result to these circumstances, large rockfalls, rock pillars and debris flows are occurring more and more frequently. The resulting consequences are restrictions in our habitat, agricultural zones and tourism.

artist: Pedro Rodrigues

website / instagram

The free work „movement in the alpine landscape“ processing and document in an own visual way and summarised in a multimedia form. For this purpose, specially created stagings of rockfall are used, which were captured photographically and cinematically. 

The result is a fictional situation that nevertheless captures the power and force of nature. By viewing it, a discourse is stimulated and the coming con- sequences of these movements are questioned.

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