'Mood Ring' - Polly Brown

As we know feelings are complicated. They rarely seem to fit into one of the few categories that language has chalked up for us: angry, happy, sad, bashful.......

A feeling is more like a cocktail. a bespoke blend, a personalised brew of emotions.

They come in different gradations and what's more the words we have to describe them often seem contradictory and inadequate.

artist: Polly Brown

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Mood Ring is a collection of photographic set ups and re-enactments attempting to illustrate this concoction of internal feelings.

The series resides somewhere between the familiar and the surreal the comedic and the morose. the domestic and the fantastical.

A cast of characters muddle their way through the highly coloured scenarios reminding us that life is not RGB or CMYK but rather complex colour wheels that even extend beyond the visible light spectrum.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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