In Norilsk there are many pipes, strange stones underfoot and dove-colored clouds. People are digging up valuable resources from nearby mountains. Previously, shamans climbed them to recharge with the energy of the Sun, which almost never sets in the short northern summer.

Artist: Lesha Pavlov
Project: Messengers and Promises

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About ten years ago, pigeons were noticed here, inhabiting a territory previously inaccessible to them due to the harsh climate. In local beliefs, the most important place is occupied by winged demiurges. At the same time, images of synanthropic species, including pigeons, are not found for obvious reasons. John Berger wrote that animals are able to surprise us with their secrets addressed specifically to humans. What if the moment has come when we should try to decipher their messages?

In the process of reflection, I direct my gaze to the environment. And send my thoughts to the future. The camera in my hand tangles everything. The resulting photographs depict a world that exists everywhere and nowhere, today and tomorrow. A harmless bird captured in this way frightens me.

Pigeon doesn’t really care. He lives where he lives. But it definitely means something.

© Lesha Pavlov

curator : Massimiliano Corteselli

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