MEMORY - Anastasiia Lisitsyna

When preparing this project i was thinking of those warm days of my childhood spent at the country-house with my closest person. I think everyone has such a memory of a moment when you felt absolutely carefree, relaxed and safe - truly natural. I wanted to visualize this memory in an abstract way.

Artist: Anastasiia Lisitsyna
Project: Memory

Model/Performer: Sonya @sofa_ko
MUA: Margo Airapetova @margokca


I invited Sonya to take part in this project because she is a performance artist and one of the main ideas her team is exploring is searching for natural in-the-moment movement without distractions by overthinking and judgment, without reference to the beautiful and aesthetic, without memorized choreography. This idea of searching for natural movement of a body hypnotizes me

I captured Sonya naked as I love the idea of people being truly natural as they are without clothing, more vulnerable, but calm and safe at the same time. I invited make up artist Margo Airapetova to create bodyart which reminded me of blooming flower fields and warm sun reflections.


 After I received all the scanned images I realized that some frames appear to me not only not serene, but also anxious. Some shots referred me to the theme of death or pain. I was upset.

After some time I realized that the best thing I can do for my project is to accept the way it appears because it reflects the idea of ​​a more intuitive approach. 

I’m trying to learn this acceptance.


© Anastasiia Lisitsyna

Curator: Márcia Pessoa

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