MADE FOR LOVING - Elisa Azevedo

"Made for loving comes from the expectation of what we are made for and how it can be reconstructed, allowing freedom in expressing different visions of what love, identity and our bodies can be."

Artist: Elisa Azevedo
Project: Made For Loving

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Candles and crochet @mafaldacosta_


"This idea of re-imagining something given with something other, comes from Ursula K. Le Guin’s book The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, where she re-imagines the first technology developed by man not being a weapon as we ordinarily conceive, but a carrier bag: something to carry, hold and contain.

Objects throughout are connected to femininity and build upon a tension between each other — not denying the existence of brutality but rather coexisting with it."


© Elisa Azevedo

Editor : Márcia Pessoa

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