LIMBURG - Lars Duchateau

Limburg documents traces of everyday life in the northeasternmost province of Belgium.

Artist: Lars Duchateau
Project: Limburg

Self-published book

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Based on brief, anecdotal news reports of rather trivial events, highly detailed images were produced. The reports were compiled from the regional section of the local newspaper known as Het Belang van Limburg. The majority of these articles were picture-less or relied on widely used stock images. If a story came accompanied by an image, it tended to have a fleeting nature. In Limburg, the events, the textual reports and their visual representation enter into a new dialogue by capturing them with the slowness and high detail of medium to large format cameras. The images are often produced a week, a few months, or sometimes a year after the facts.


© Lars Duchateau

Curator / Editor : Noemi Carrara 

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