"Our bodies sometimes take on animal morphologies, they immerse themselves in waters and forests, they seize and transform materials and forms."

Artist: Annabelle Fadat
Project: L'été, les rivières disparaissent (In summer, the river disappears)

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I observe the way we interact with the place that welcomes us, how at times we become one with it, how we gradually become a part of it. 

I like to think of one day becoming the ghost of my house, of my space.

Summer is a very paradoxical season for me. People go on vacation, travel, live late at night, the streets are busy, it's a time when connections and meetings abound. 

Besides that, forests are burning, insects are swarming, materials decompose very quickly, our bodies are altered by the sun, rivers disappear.

My photographs try to translate this emotion: feeling the momentum of a party and imagining its end.

© Annabelle Fadat

Curator / Editor : Ecaterina Rusu 

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