"The space between the leaves symbolizes the shyness gap, also called crown shyness. It is an interstice between the foliage of certain trees, more easily observed at the crown level. It allows light to pass through and prevents contagion between different species. Dried flowers fill this small space by holding the elements together."

Artist: Naoual Peleau
Project: Les feuilles mortes



"An anthotype is an image created from photosensitive substances from plants. I use linden leaves, their shape being the one that looks like the most to my face and body. I expose them to the sun for several hours; its light will mark the exposed parts and reveal the image. It is a reflection on the passing of time and the fear of growing old. I want to talk about sensitivity, fragility and the ephemeral nature of life.

I show a very close relationship with nature: by exposing my body on a leaf, we literally become one.

This results in very fragile leaves, still sensitive to the sun. If each exposure is unique, I can reproduce the image many times. Depending on the size and shape of the leaves, I can outline my entire body or cut it out."



© Naoual Peleau

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