"Photography is a way for me to experience my body, to be in the now, to connect with my emotional and mental state and to process life."

Artist: Lana Prins
Project: The Ethereal Nature of Womanhood

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"Lana Prins wields her camera as a bridge that brings her closer to others—both literally and figuratively. At the heart of her work lies an exploration of the female essence and the profound journey of womanhood. Through her lens, she delves into the intricacies of gender, intimacy, sexuality, and the female body, all against the backdrop of contemporary western society. By making emotionally charged photos of the women who inhabit her world, she investigates what the concept of being a woman means to herself and the women around her. "



"Prins’s work investigates unique views of womanhood, as seen through her own eyes and the eyes of her subjects. Her photographs are close to the skin, unveiling an intimate glimpse into her own life and the lives of those who surround her. Her work includes intimate nude portraits, transcending the physical and embracing the ethereal nature of womanhood.

Yet, her exploration of womanhood does not end with the lens focused on others; it turns inward, too. Through intimate self-portraits, she endeavors to understand the depths of her own being. In acts of self-discovery, she confronts the profound question of what her own female body and identity signify to her."


 © Lana Prins

Editor : Kiko

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