'Island Symmetries' - Laura Pannack

According to travel psychology, the appearance of similarity between any two places is directly proportional to the distance between them. Inspired by this notion I focused my attention on two communities either side of the Earth to continue my constant exploration of youth. The Cracker in Tipton and Topside in Gagebrook.

The uncanny often-subtle parallels are a stark reminder that youth is universal and growing up in a tight nit community brings often-predictable trends, relationships and behaviors.

artist: Laura Pannack

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Dirt bikes roar through the playgrounds, their helmet-less riders pulling wheelies. Just like on the Cracker the kids swig back energy drinks faster than water. Small cross body pouches and the latest trainers are boasted. The fickle and intense friendships are identical on both sides of the world.

The air is filled with tension, drama and aggression.

Someone is threatened with a knife.

A forming and promotion of one’s strength and dominance.

Mostly these kids are still soft, polite.

Sometimes they call me ‘miss’.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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