"The language of the collection conveys itself silently, figuratively implying a world where anonymity and intimacy coexist. These elements, which are emotional, sensual, and deeply internal, suggest that anonymity can at times cultivate a more open yet intimate form of connection."

Artist: Yuhao Chang
Project: Intimate Anonymity


"From the photographer to the subject, from the viewers to the collection, an implicit sense of intimacy and closeness exists between the observer and the object.

Through recognizable imprints, subtleness, or silhouettes, the individuals' identities come to the appearance. Even in situations where the subject (whether it be a human, object, scene, or something else) remains anonymous or unknown, a profound visceral or personal connection persists. Simultaneously, the subject creates its own space to construct a world or contain emotions. The observer can project visceral emotions through any mindset. Whether you agree or disagree, it opens up a space for everyone."

© Yuhao Chang

Curator / Editor : Márcia Pessoa 

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