INSIDE - Eloise Genoud

INSIDE explores contemporary dance, movement, and the body by deviating from conventional or classical dance photography, offering a fresh perspective from the dancers themselves.

Artist: Eloise Genoud
Project: Inside

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This work is not a documentary, but rather an exploration where bodies and light merge into a singular and unique movement. As a dancer of 18 years, my aim is to immerse the audience in the heart of this art form and give them the impression of seeing through our eyes, using immersive imagery to provide a different perspective from that of the public. My intention is not only to portray the beauty of movement and the body, but also the unity and intimacy experienced within the dance company.

This work is the result of various collaborations with professionals and students in contemporary dance, as well as with amateurs. A significant portion of this project has been staged. I have created and choreographed original dances to meet the needs of the project and the book.

© Eloise Genoud

curator : Noemi Carrara

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