The quest for identity implies looking at the present and the past. Fragmentation and piecing together a puzzle reveal a part of German history while the photograph remains missing.

Artist: Steffi Drerup
Project: Ichfolgedessen

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I almost got sent to a concentration camp, he said.
Anna and I wanted to get married, but they wouldn’t let us. 

Why? I said. 

Because. My mother was Jewish and Anna was Aryan. 

So what happened? 

We were told to stop seeing each other, but we didn’t. Someone tipped them off, I had to go to the Gestapo headquarter and was questioned about our relationship. 

I was silent.
They asked me whether I was still seeing Anna. Still silent. 

Of course I said no. But they wanted proof. I took a photo out of my wallet, a portrait of my cousin Irene. On the back she had written ‚To my dearest Friedrich. With love, Irene‘.
They believed that she was my new lover and I walked away unharmed, he said.
Wait a minute, he said and got up. 

Here, this is it, Irene’s photo.
I watched as he took the small black-and-white photo from his wallet in 1996. 

© Steffi Drerup

Curator / Editor : Massimiliano Corteselli

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