HOMEWARD BOUND - Nina Maria Allmoslechner

"As a female artist, I feel responsible for using my story to open up wider conversations around womanhood. Often I do not know how to talk about these things, so I create something purely for myself to understand these situations better, and as soon as there comes understanding, I like to believe that conversations are happening."

Artist: Nina Maria Allmoslechner
Project: homeward bound (2021-ongoing)

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"homeward bound started as a final major project during my BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in 2021. Back then, it was called ‘the edge of my bed’, very cheesy, I am aware, but it seems like it was the starting point for my research process about premature puberty and the difficulties that women face in early womanhood.

Slowly, I have been taking visual material as a response to my own experience with premature puberty and how getting my period at the age of 7,5 years old slowly became a forced womanhood which affected the relationship with my body and mind."



"I tend to take Self Portraits in the forest back home in Austria for a chapter that touches on my Depersonalisation Disorder, where putting myself into nature around the forest mostly, and the trees do not judge but hold some space, has helped me to connect when I felt disconnected. being present feels so far away, and so long ago Lately, during my residency in Iceland, I started to really question light. Maybe it was because I could feel the northern lights communicate with something inside of me; I am not too sure what happened and why it happened but I am thankful it arrived in time.

I started to see light everywhere. In objects, landscapes, people, even a part of my own at some point.

'on wintering' is a short moving image that is also part of the wider series"



© Nina Maria Allmoslechner

Nina Maria is a lens-based artist from Austria (b.1998). She graduated in Documentary Photography BA from the University of Arts London in 2021. Her practice is predominantly concerned with vulnerable topics around mental health, womanhood, body image, sexuality, and lens-based memory representation. Nina uses mainly alternative processes such as super 8mm film and analog imagery, she often works with archives that she finds at flea markets wherever she goes or other historical ones that are left behind. Nina is currently working on several projects from Iceland, including a project about the first woman who wrote travel diaries, Ida Pfeiffer (1797-1858), who was from Austria like herself.
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