'Go get them, boy!' - Ziyu Wang

Identity has always been a major topic of concern for me, and I realised that as a gay lan growing up in a patriarchal society in China, this pressure from fathers to be the 'perfect man' for their children would be even more pronounced, which led to my project Go Get 'Em Boy.

My work explores the pressures society puts on masculinity through the expectations my father places on me.

artist: Ziyu Wang

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In my work, the control of men in a patriarchal society is challenged through the parody of my father's ideal son, or rather the parody of hegemonic masculinity.

My work explores the queer identity and Chinese localization of hegemonic masculinity and the 'controlling nature' of masculinity through self-portrait in a patriarchal society.

In each of my self portraits, I play the role of what my father expects me to be: a high-ranking official, a married man with children, physically strong, etc. In other words, this is what Chinese patriarchal society expects of all Chinese men.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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