'Fantômes' Eloise Labarbe Lafon

Fantômes is a collection of moments captured on black and white film, then hand colored. The paint applied with cotton and fingers reveals imperfections, smudges and fingerprints. The slow process of the making of these photographs intensifies their preciousness.

The mixing of mediums generates texture, transitioning from the photographic concept of multiple image to the unique « image- object » artwork.

artist: Eloise Labarbe Lafon

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Fantômes gathers daily moments, travels, scenes of intimacy and phantasmagoric stagings. The reality captured by the lens becomes fiction through colorization and the use of dreamlike tones. Bodies and landscapes surrender to the lens, strolling through spaces of solitude and silence. Imbued with a nostalgic feel, like ancient fables, the images’ preciousness reveals characters with lonely pouts, evolving in a sensual chromatic universe.

These pictural mirages transform into stories that question the strange and the ambiguous. Frozen in a nostalgic temporality, the protagonists seem lascivious, distant and inaccessible, in a chimerical space. They seem caught up in a tale of which we know neither the beginning nor the end. Out of time, these images are the echo of lost moments and places from the past of our souls.

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