'Everything stands still' - Massimiliano Corteselli

I was filled with melancholy and the need to escape from a place that made me feel alienated, culturally and on a personal level.

Photographer & words : @massimilianocorteselli
Talent : @hausreichelt
Styling : @muthersdaughter
Photography Assistant : @mereteberl

To take multiple decisions in a fraction of a second is an essential skill as a photographer. Sometimes these decisions have a thoughtful foundation, other times they come from an unconscious, emotional place.

Photographing for me is more an intuitive process than an intellectual.

For my personal and professional growth, it is important to constantly reflect on the unconscious decisions I make: Sometimes I struggle to artificially create a meaning around fashion stories, even though I have to admit that for ‘Everything stands still’ I was driven by a specific emotion that I carried while growing up in a little town in West Germany. 

Kathrin, the model, embodied this emotion perfectly. People like her, and I don’t mean specifically ‘models’, inspire me every day to create. When I observe people on the street, I try to imagine who they are and what they experienced. It comes from a deep longing to connect, in a city as Berlin where I struggle to find these deep connections. 


Photography helps me
to imagine real connections. 


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