'Elsewhere' Francisco Gonzalez Camacho

Elsewhere is an ongoing project developed over the last two years in Finland exploring the idea of displacement with the emerging of nature as a coping strategy and transcendental space. It intertwines elements of poetic narration, references to pictorialism and the use infrared photography.

I explore the use of the landscape as a cathartic relief to deal with the feelings of isolation involved in the process of immigrating to a foreign country.

artist: Francisco Gonzalez Camacho


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This opened a new dialog with the environment, acting as a reminder of our insignificance in the cosmic scale, but also about our connectedness with the landscape, sometimes forgotten. The fleeting moments of magical realism captured in this series aim to condense the fragility of time, to suspend the real world, creating a bridge to a new one.

Challenging the restless feeling of not belonging, otherness and the cultural constrains, the landscape has offered me a cathartic relief, shaping a renewed sense of connectedness with nature.
Making both real and imaginary landscapes, I dissolve space and time, creating an interruption, an absence, giving a feeling of being elsewhere. Reality is suspended, reminding us we are just a small part of nature, united with it.

There is an invitation, seeking us to ponder and reflect, to create a moment of emptiness, a spark of consciousness. In all the nuances of simplicity the divine is revealed, helping us to understand the world through an act of solitude.

Photography becomes an instrument through which I can reveal not only the nature that encloses me, but the nature that reflects the landscape within. A silence arises reproducing a calm and precious universe, suspended in time, next to the world itself. A transcendental space evoking an allegory of a place called home.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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