ECO-SOPHY - Yura Taralov

Based on the philosophical direction of Eco-sophy, which explores the relationship between humans and the environment, I have discovered a profound parallel between the formation of human life and the growth of plants.

Through my own life experiences, witnessing violence in families, and reflecting on the significance of the environment, I began to investigate how soil and ecology influence the roots and overall development of plants under favorable or unfavorable conditions.

Artist: Yura Taralov
Project: Eco-sophy


This exploration led me to realize that there is much more in common between humans and plants than previously thought. Like plants, humans can sense danger and respond to it, requiring care and attention to thrive. Similar to roots seeking nutrients and adapting to their surroundings, humans can face diverse situations and overcome obstacles in life. Just as roots can be trimmed and replanted, humans have the capacity to change and adapt under new circumstances, given the strength and resources to do so.

This understanding solidified the concept that the development of roots is an apt analogy for human life. It further reinforces our connection to nature, as it emphasizes the mutual care required for both ourselves and the world around us. I sought to depict humans and nature as a unified organism, bridging the silence of nature with the emotional aspects of the human body. This connection visualizes the potential feelings of both parties, portraying the harmony that exists between us.

By delving into Eco-sophy, I have come to believe that humanity and nature are intertwined, making us almost one entity. This realization underscores the necessity of caring for ourselves and our environment. For me, it became essential to showcase the unity of humans and nature, linking the visual silence of nature with the emotional essence of the human body, thus visually narrating the probable emotions of both sides.

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