ECHOES - Kacper Pietrzak

The woods is more and more taking over by human beings. My childhood shelter reminds more of cemetery than magical structures. Fallen trees reminds me of dead bodies laying in the empty space.

Artist: Kacper Pietrzak
Project: Echoes


My first childhood memory is a smell of blooming apple tree. My grandma always tended her garden and told me a lot of stories about the nature. Going for a walk to the woods was my and my father's tradition, which somehow ended. The woods was something like the shelter from daily living in the city.  Now, when I'm adult I was looking for some family archives. Apart from finding my grandma's old photographs taken in the nature, which were such a poetic scenes, I found the photographs from logging. 

'Echoes' is a story about destabilization and losing touch with the nature by human beings. It's a story about my memories and my family. It's a story about echoes, which still resounds in my head.

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