'Dyal Thak' - Kin Chan Coedel

DYAL THAK, in Tibetan means mutual ties, connection or “a common thread”. This series was created in 2021 on the Tibetan plateau and surrounding Tibetan Autonomous Regions.

‘The Roof of the World’ is extremely widespread; for centuries, many different tribes of Tibetan nomads have lived-off the animals which inhabit it.

3200 meters above sea level, it was seemingly untouched by the chaos of contemporary life; the modest way of living was in comparison, to the world-at-large, more promising and hopeful.

artist: Kin Chan Coedel

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A Common Thread

The plateau, a vastness
filled by nature,
its voice, its moods,
its shapes and hues,
small and vulnerable.
We are together, reminded ...
We take what it offers,
we will be grateful,
we will be inspired
we will be responsible.

Our lives, a beat to Nature’s rhythm.
Together, we are Nature’s chorus.
When Sunshine meets a light drizzle,
there is color, there is life,
there is laughter and celebration.
Nature’s melody is our smiles,
its wrath our weathered face,

Nature: a thread,
so strong and so delicate.
We weave it into a life,
a community,
together we are bound.

Dechen Yeshi
translated by Jampa Dhundup

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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