This work interweaves personal memories, landscapes and portraits to reveal stories of shared experiences in a reflective way, capturing the relationship of the human subject in time.

My main consideration is to engage and record the silent and fleeting nature of these moments.

To express their importance and capture their distinctive spontaneity.

artist: Luis Lazo
project: Distant Fields

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Mainly concerned with the fragility of memory, the work attempts to encourage reflection and personal interpretation.

Their simplicity simultaneously heightening their meaning and empowering them.

Bridging time that has lapsed between the images, creates a relationship between two moments, past and present, sealing a new interpretation and memory to those images.

Memories, like photographs, are selective and our inability to physically capture a memory means that we can only ever capture a fleeting representation of it.

Whether painful or joyous, it’s ephemeral presence lingers.

editor : Ecaterina Rusu

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