"What is after death? 

Contemplating the afterlife, a topic often evaded, evokes a profound sense of wonder. It's as if an unspoken connection endures with those who've embarked on the next chapter—a silent bond, unseen yet palpable, akin to a soft mist enveloping us. "

Artist: Li Hui
Project: Distance

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"When someone departs, a rich tapestry of emotions unfurls—grief, nostalgia, guilt, and regret. Curiously, it amplifies our perception. Whether watching the ebb and flow of sunrise and sunset, feeling the gentle caress of the wind on our faces, observing the rhythmic dance of leaves, the ripples in a pond, or the familiar scenes of daily life, each moment transforms. The departed, interwoven with memories, persistently resurface in the mind's eye. We have never been that far and that close."



"As a deeply sensitive individual, my aim this year is to delve into my feelings about death. Through genuine observation and exploration, I want to visually portray these unknown aspects—not in an academic sense, but from the heart. This project is a personal journey to cherish and honor those who've passed, fueled by the belief that in death, we'll meet again in the end."



© Li Hui

Editor : Márcia Pessoa

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