COUNTING TILL TEN - Isabelle Wenzel

In ‘Counting Till Ten’, Isabelle Wenzel plays a game. A game where she challenges herself as well as the viewer. Improvisation is an important element in this game. Things happen by mistake.

Artist: Isabelle Wenzel
Project: Counting Till Ten
Book published by Art Paper Editions

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Wenzel questions the role of the camera and the one of the (female) body. She makes use of her own body as a model in order to convey an image by movement. Wenzel works in a fast, direct and very spontaneous way. Photographer and model become one.

Performance is always present in her work. She sculptures an image by use of her body, gravity and the environment. She makes the viewer conscious of his or her own body, while narcissistically being occupied with that of her own. What is it like to be a physical being?

© Isabelle Wenzel

curator : Ecaterina Rusu


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