BONES - Fanny Maillard

"I met Alex during my stay in New York in November 2023. I initially spotted her on social media and was immediately drawn to the strength emanating from her gaze."

Artist and Styling: Fanny Maillard
Project: Bones

Instagram / Website 

Model: Alex (@not_even_flexin), New York Models (@newyorkmodels) & Supreme Management Paris (@suprememgmtparis)


"My intuition didn't deceive me. As she unfolded the pages of her story during our first meeting, I quickly realized that I was in the presence of an exceptional personality.


Alex has been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of one, which requires her to take powerful medications for the rest of her life. Sometimes, upon waking up, her arms and hands no longer bend. The stiffness in her legs causes such violence that it paralyzes her for several hours. Her ribs sometimes cause her pain under the pressure of a simple embrace. Blind in her right eye, a delicate white veil covers her pupil, attracting the attention of the outside world that can't fathom her suffering.

It's an extremely mentally challenging situation that forces her to be alone often and manage intense pain. Confronted with a body that doesn't function properly and doctors who already predicted her blindness and paralysis, she continues her journey. Resilient and assured, she manages her career as a model, works as a security guard, and pursues her studies. Despite challenging photo shoot conditions, not once has she shown a sign of weakness or impatience. She confessed to drawing strength from her family, especially her grandmother and late mother, who passed away from the same disease at the age of 20."



"Alex's soul transcends physical limitations, revealing her strength through the inspiration she instills in others. Her resilience, kindness, and empathy illuminate each of her smiles with a unique glow. This encounter deeply moved me, and I sincerely hope to have the chance to see her again during my next visit to New York.

May these humble words help her realize her immense courage. »"



© Fanny Maillard

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