BARE BEAUTY - Shiori Akiba

"In Japan, nudity has a negative connotation and is often associated with pornography. Shiori Akiba has been questioning this, challenging the way women are treated in our society and how nudity is perceived."

Artist: Shiori Akiba
Project: Bare Beauty



"For me, nudity is a very beautiful thing and everyone has it with them, I was not comfortable with how men are capturing women's bodies.


Her photographs capture nude bodies in natural settings, where they interplay with their landscape and organic elements; closeups of intertwined bodies, almost fused in each other, often to a point of abstraction; intimate details of the human natural body, free of preconceptions or societal gender roles and constructs on body image."



"Drawing inspiration from people around her, she has a spontaneous approach to her subjects, trying to create images of a non-sexual nudity, celebrating the woman’s body’s natural beauty, with its hairs, shapes and lines."



© Shiori Akiba

Curator / Editor : Kiko 

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