"The essay takes place in the context of migration and provides a personal look to uprooting and questions the concept of home."

Artist: Maximiliano Tineo
Project: A Hearth to Gather Around

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One of our jury's favorite project, from the October 2023 opencall.

A hearth to gather around is an ongoing autobiographical and research project which brings together photographs, archive images, graphics and personal documents.

Produced between France and Argentina in 2022 and 2023.


Its title plays with the meaning of the word hearth, which designs the fireplace inside a house and the home itself. The primordial meaning of the word is linked to our condition as humans and to the sense of community, of family.

By exploring the feeling of nostalgia and dispossession I constantly question myself about how to dwell the present and I invite to reflect on the meaning of family, of belonging, and home."

© Maximiliano Tineo

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