'72 hours' - Emily Dodd-Noble

People felt connected, charismatic and alive.

'72 hours' 

Photographer & words : Emily Dodd-Noble


The infamous Berlin party scene was forcefully diminished during covid.
The clubs shut their doors and what seemed like a never ending winter descended upon the city. However, this did not stop the party energy and the clubs simply moved to raves. For many in Berlin the club scene is a safe space, a place where one can freely express themselves and feel united. Especially in the queer communities these safe havens of expression are life lines of connectivity.

Upon arrival within these raves, I felt the immediate impact of my surroundings and was shocked by the force of energy reverberating off the walls.

Due to the party scene in Berlin prohibiting photography, nobody was photographing these spaces and these people. It was at this very moment that I was hooked on the energy, the intrigue of the people and the fascination with their stories. The camera became the connecting point and I was gifted a brief moment of still with these beautifully, unapologetically authentic strangers.

It became a way to meet people having just moved to the city.

These spaces and these people felt electric and allowed me to know that in such dark times there was light, one just had to look for it.

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